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Welcome to the MIDAS Bug Tracker!
Here you can report potential bugs you've encounterd in our web based room scheduling software, MIDAS, and track the status of ongoing issues.
You can view bugs right now however to report a new bug, or track updates to existing bugs, please first login or register

Recently Opened
2016-08-24[#1828] Midas Digital Signage SortingPending Review
2015-10-22[#1722] Safari hangs on iOS 9 when running in Standalone/Web Clip mode and attempting to Print Open

Recently Resolved/Closed
2018-03-13[#1978] Trailing spaces at the end of a client's email address could prevent invoices from being accessed to pay onlineResolved
2018-03-09[#1977] Database restoration may fail to fully complete in some instancesClosed
2018-03-01[#1976] Dates listed in a venue's "Closed Between" settings may display out by a day in certain timezonesClosed
2018-03-01[#1975] Adding a new booking type automatically sets it as the default booking typeClosed
2018-02-13[#1974] Retrospectively generating invoices in bulk for individual clients may fail to generate invoices in some instancesClosed
2018-01-27[#1973] Modifying similar bookings which span dates would only show the start date on the modify bookings screenClosed
2018-01-25[#1972] Booking types with empty % discount may indicate on invoices that zero discount has been appliedClosed
2018-01-25[#1971] Invoice references not correctly substituted when automatically sending unsent invoicesClosed
2018-01-25[#1970] Cancellation Invoice Template not correctly referenced when automatically sending unsent cancellation invoicesClosed
2018-01-02[#1969] Existing booking type colors not indicated on Manage Booking Types color paletteClosed
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