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Welcome to the MIDAS Bug Tracker!
Here you can report potential bugs you've encounterd in our web based room scheduling software, MIDAS, and track the status of ongoing issues.
You can view bugs right now however to report a new bug, or track updates to existing bugs, please first login or register

Recently Opened
2016-08-24[#1828] Midas Digital Signage SortingPending Review
2015-10-22[#1722] Safari hangs on iOS 9 when running in Standalone/Web Clip mode and attempting to Print Open

Recently Resolved/Closed
2017-05-19[#1912] Live Booking Grid updates for modified bookings may not show in some instancesResolved
2017-05-19[#1911] "Undefined" appears in confirmation dialog when deleting a venue with no bookingsResolved
2017-05-19[#1910] Harmless MySQL error when adding a new user who doesn't exist as a clientResolved
2017-05-19[#1909] Changing your password may result in a new window being spawnedResolved
2017-05-19[#1908] Session Timeout messages after manually logging out in some instancesResolved
2017-05-15[#1907] Deleting resources may not correctly remove them from bookingsResolved
2017-05-11[#1906] Prevent booking type discounts containing excessive decimal placesResolved
2017-05-11[#1905] Updating from previous versions with booking type discounts containing excessive decimal places would not correctly migrate discount ratesResolved
2017-05-04[#1904] Slow importing of bookings in some instancesResolved
2017-05-04[#1903] JS error when selecting date range in advanced print options windowResolved
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