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Welcome to the MIDAS Bug Tracker!
Here you can report potential bugs you've encounterd in our web based room scheduling software, MIDAS, and track the status of ongoing issues.
You can view bugs right now however to report a new bug, or track updates to existing bugs, please first login or register

Recently Opened
2016-08-24[#1828] Midas Digital Signage SortingPending Review
2015-10-22[#1722] Safari hangs on iOS 9 when running in Standalone/Web Clip mode and attempting to Print Open

Recently Resolved/Closed
2017-02-19[#1876] Unable to drag & drop to move/duplicate bookings under Safari 7+Resolved
2017-02-17[#1874] Invoice is paid Green - internal notes blackResolved
2017-02-02[#1875] Booking History entries for booking requests made by logged in users may show incorrectlyResolved
2017-02-02[#1873] %RESOURCES% variable not being correctly substituted in booking request submitted email notificationsResolved
2017-02-02[#1872] Resources may incorrectly show as unavailable on Pending Booking Request screens when "Account for Pending Booking Requests when checking Booking Availability" is enabledResolved
2017-02-02[#1871] Spurious text shown on Web Request screen when displaying resource availabilityResolved
2017-01-20[#1870] Deleting a booking via a search result may indicate that booking wasn't deleted when it wasResolved
2017-01-20[#1869] Users limited to max number of bookings per day were unable to add bookings to multiple days in one action in some instancesResolved
2017-01-18[#1868] Addons may not install correctly on some serversResolved
2017-01-18[#1867] Clicking "Reject All" on a Pending Booking Request screen rejects all booking requests (even for venues the user doesn't have access to)Resolved
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