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Welcome to the MIDAS Bug Tracker!
Here you can report potential bugs you've encounterd in our web based room scheduling software, MIDAS, and track the status of ongoing issues.
You can view bugs right now however to report a new bug, or track updates to existing bugs, please first login or register

Recently Opened
2016-08-24[#1828] Midas Digital Signage SortingPending Review
2015-10-22[#1722] Safari hangs on iOS 9 when running in Standalone/Web Clip mode and attempting to Print Open

Recently Resolved/Closed
2017-04-13[#1897] Image alt attribute not included for logos on public screensClosed
2017-04-13[#1896] User Activity pie chart included non-user activity (i.e. System/API initiated)Closed
2017-04-01[#1895] Disabling PayPal/Stripe payment options looses associated settingsClosed
2017-04-01[#1894] Extra checkbox at the end of Blocking and Alternative venue lists on Manage Venues screenClosed
2017-03-30[#1893] Invoice settings lost if a user with the "Can manage MIDAS" permission, but not also the "Can use Invoicing" permission makes changes on the Manage MIDAS screenClosed
2017-03-30[#1892] Possible to enter negative amounts for cancellation invoice chargesClosed
2017-03-30[#1891] Javascript error after logging out when running under Italian languageClosed
2017-03-28[#1890] mailqueue module may not return correct headers in some instancesClosed
2017-03-22[#1889] Resource Watch notifications may not correctly trigger for bookings which are dynamically moved/duplicatedClosed
2017-03-22[#1888] Estimated Booking Costs in approved booking request email templates not taking into account booking type discountsClosed
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