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Bug ID: #1569

Available number of "unlimited" consumables constantly changes

(Updated 2014-02-25 @ 12:42)
Impact Matrix:
Category:Functionality (Server Side)
MIDAS Versions Affected:4.00 - 4.05
Browsers Affected:Microsoft Internet Explorer Microsoft Edge Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Apple Safari Opera
Details:I've set up all my consumables to be unlimited currently, while I am in the process of moving all the bookings from a previous system to the newly purchased Midas. However, I am continually finding that when I make a booking it says the resource is unavailable. I go into Manage Resources and reset it to unlimited - though it says it is unlimited in the list view, sometimes it says it is 0 in the detailed view for that specific resource - and that solves it for that booking, but it will inevitably crop up again for future bookings.
The other thing that happens is that when I modify a booking, any requested resources on that booking will then change the available number of that specific resource to the requested number, even though it was previously set to Unlimited.
Workaround:I currently have to manually manage the resource back to Unlimited - even though it claimed to be unlimited anyway - and go back to the booking and book the resource again. This is too slow though and is obviously a bug. The only other thing I can think of is setting the resource to a really high number.
Resolution:Fixed for v4.05 if installed/updated after 25th Feb 2014
Comments (1):
[email protected] commented on 2014-02-25 @ 12:42: Thanks for reporting! This issue has now been identified and fixed and an update is available accordingly via the usual update route (MIDAS Admin Options -> Manage MIDAS -> Update) for self-hosted customers (remotely hosted customers have been updated automatically). The issue arose when a an existing booking with consumables was modified or deleted. This caused the original quantity of consumables assigned to the booking to be credited back to the total consumables available. This should only happen for consumables where a quantity had been defined, and not also for "Unlimited" resources.
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