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Bug ID: #1570

Screen constantly refreshes / advances forward through dates of its own accord

(Updated 2014-12-17 @ 10:43)
Impact Matrix:
Category:Functionality (Client Side)
MIDAS Versions Affected:4.05
Browsers Affected:Apple Safari
Details:We've received a report that accessing MIDAS v4.05 through an iPad 2 may cause the screen to constantly refresh and advance forward through calendar dates.

We have so far not received any other reports of this nature affecting v4.05, and have been unable to fully and reliably replicate this behavior in our testing either.

For this reason, the current status of this issue has been set to "Unconfirmed" for the time being.

We have, however, released a small update to MIDAS which we believe will suppress the reported behavior.

If you have encountered the issue described here, we'd advise you to update to the latest build of MIDAS v4.05 available to you (which you can do via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Update)
Symptoms:Once logged in, the screen constantly refreshes and/or continually advances through calendar dates.
Workaround:As we are currently unable to reliably replicate the issue, should you encounter this issue on your iPad our general advice would be to try using a different browser on your device.

A list of supported iPad web browsers for the iPad may be found here.
Resolution:An update to v4.05 has been made available on 28th Feb 2014. If you encounter the issues outlined here, please update to the latest available build of v4.05 and let us know if this resolves the issue.

If you still encounter this issue after updating, please contact us quoting Bug ID #1570 and providing as much information as possible (including your iPad model, iOS version, device orientation, browser (and browser version) used)
Comments (1):
[email protected] commented on 2014-12-17 @ 10:42: We received a further separate report of this issue from a customer who was running a build of MIDAS v4.05 built prior to 28th February 2014. After updating MIDAS, the issue was resolved. Therefore, we are now marking this issue as "Closed".
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