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Bug ID: #1728

Similar Bookings results could show past bookings for users without privileges to modify/delete past bookings in some instances

(Updated 2015-11-12 @ 21:47)
Impact Matrix:
Category:Functionality (Client Side)
MIDAS Versions Affected:4.06 - 4.10
Browsers Affected:Microsoft Internet Explorer Microsoft Edge Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Apple Safari Opera
Details:When searching for similar bookings to delete or modify, the date range over which to search for bookings is saved by the user's browser, meaning the next time they search for similar bookings, the same date range is initially pre-selected.

It should not be not possible for Users without the "Can make historical bookings" privilege to select a search starting date occurring before the current date. However, the persistence of the saved search date range meant that if a user today selected the current date as the start of the search range, then came back several days later, the start date will still initially show the previously selected date, despite that now being invalid as it occurred in the past.

This could cause past bookings for which the user has no permission to modify/delete being returned in search results.

This in turn could result in data loss if a user was then to select any bookings which occurred in the past from the similar bookings search results and proceed to attempt to modify them along with other future bookings which are "Available"

As the user has no permission to modify bookings on dates in the past, these past dates on their subsequent "Booking Availability" screen will be shown as "Unavailable".

On the "Booking Availability" only those bookings shown as "Available" will be added. Those which are "Unavailable" for any reason won't be.
Workaround:1) Grant users the "Can make historical bookings" user permission, or
2) Pay attention to the bookings listed on the Booking Availability screen when modifying similar bookings. Individual Bookings shown as "Unavailable" for any reason (including not being able to modify bookings in the past) will be removed when you click "Book All Available"
Resolution:Fixed for v4.10 if installed/updated after 12th November 2015
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