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Bug ID: #1744

Encoding issues when submitting booking requests

(Updated 2016-01-08 @ 01:05)
Impact Matrix:
Category:Functionality (Server Side)
MIDAS Versions Affected:4.05 - 4.10
Browsers Affected:Microsoft Internet Explorer Microsoft Edge Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Apple Safari Opera
Details:Booking requests submitted via the Public Booking Request feature of MIDAS may contain erroneous characters preceding non UTF-8 characters. For example, any £ symbols entered may appear as £
Symptoms:Presence of  characters preceding £ symbols in submitted booking request data
Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Submit a booking request containing a £ symbol in the booking notes via the Public Booking Request feature
Resolution:Fixed for v4.11
Comments (5):
[email protected] commented on 2016-01-07 @ 19:34: "Booking Request Received" emails do not contain details of the booking request - so do you perhaps mean "Booking Request Approved" emails? If so, can you confirm that it is only "Booking Request Approved" emails where you're seeing this behavior, or does this affect other types of emails to? Also, please can you provide details of your email client? We're presently unable to replicate this issue in either Thunderbird, Outlook or Outlook.com, so we're curious as to which email client you're using?
Henry Law commented on 2016-01-07 @ 20:39: Sorry it's the "Booking Request Submitted" email, which is automatically returned to the customer on completion of a web booking (not when done by the signed-on administrator). As fare as I can see it's only that email which suffers from the problem. The screenshot was from Thunderbird (38.4 on Linux Mint), and the same thing happens on Hotmail: see http://www.lawshouse.org/abc/midas/Misrendering-in-Hotmail.png . I saved the email from TBird and examined it in emacs the bytes between the left parenthesis and the digits of the amount are X'c382c2a3', if that helps.
Henry Law commented on 2016-01-07 @ 20:41: PS. I examined one of the correct emails with emacs: the pound sign is just X'c2a3' as expected.
[email protected] commented on 2016-01-07 @ 21:04: Henry, please can you forward a sample email to [email protected] for analysis?
[email protected] commented on 2016-01-08 @ 01:14: Henry, many thanks for forwarding a sample email for analysis. Consequently, we have now been able to identify the cause of this issue, and a fix will be included in the forthcoming MIDAS v4.11 release (which is currently planned to be available as of this coming weekend). In the meantime, we've re-titled and simplified the description of this bug from your original description for the benefit of other viewers of this page. Thanks once again for bringing this bug to our attention!
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