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Bug ID: #1828

Midas Digital Signage Sorting

Status:Pending Review
(Updated 2016-08-24 @ 19:28)
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Category:Not Yet Assigned
MIDAS Versions Affected:?
Browsers Affected:Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome 52.0.2743.116
Details:We discovered a potential sorting bug with Digital Signage. All rooms are sorted by time, which is good - makes sense. However, in our environment, a handful of times throughout the semester we have multiple rooms running for one given session. These sessions have the same title, start/end times, etc. When they display on the board, the rooms are not sorted in any way. Is it possible to add a secondary sort function - if start timessame, sort affected sessions by room number? In our Venues list, we have (Conf room 1, Conf room 2, LC room 1...LC room 8, Exam room 1...Exam room 8, etc.) - It's confusing for our users when looking at the room, assuming that the LC rooms are sorted 1-8, when in actuality they are listed 2,3,1,6,4,7,5 - or similar. In our venue listing, in the config options, they are all listed in order 1-8, so if it was possible to have the secondary sort order the same-start-time rooms by venue in the order they appear in that listing, it would solve things perfectly.
Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Our school year just started, so we've only run into this once so far, but we believe that any time we have multiple same-start-time sessions, this is reproduced.
Workaround:No workaround.
Comments (1):
bugs@mid.as commented on 2016-08-24 @ 19:35: Currently, if two or more bookings commence at the exact same date/time, the order they appear on Digital Signage screens is determined by the order in which the bookings were initially added to MIDAS (most recent last)/last modified (most recent last). We will look at improving this to instead sort bookings by venue order in a future update to our Digital Signage addon. An alternative work-around in the meantime could be to utilize the optional API that's available for MIDAS (https://mid.as/api) to programatically retrieve raw booking data from your MIDAS system, which you could then filter, sort, and display/output however you wish
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