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Bug Status Types

We assign a status to every bug. You can see the current bug totals for each status, as well as view all bugs of that status in the "Bug Stats" panel to the left of the screen.

Below is a description of what each status means...

Pending ReviewThis is the default status which is automatically applied initially to each user submitted bug, prior to our review. Once renewed it will be assigned one of the following:
UnconfirmedThis status means that we are currently unable to reproduce the reported bug in our testing. In such cases, we require additional reports/information from users to help us to reliably reproduce the issue ourselves.
OpenThis status means we are aware of the issue, and have been able to reproduce it in our testing, however it has yet to fully resolved/fixed to our satisfaction
ResolvedThis status denotes a bug that has been fixed, but is not been deemed to be significant enough or have a large enough impact to warrant releasing an interim update to MIDAS. Fixes for "Resolved" bugs will instead be including our next significant update
ClosedThis status denotes a bug that has been fixed, and an update is now available accordingly. Users with a valid ongoing Annual Support Subscription can get the update directly from within your MIDAS via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Update
Not a bugThis status is used to indicate that a reported bug that has been closed due to not being considered a bug (for example, what's reported is expected behavior, or is due to a user's particular settings, etc)
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