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Bug ID: #1722

Safari hangs on iOS 9 when running in Standalone/Web Clip mode and attempting to Print

(Updated 2015-10-22 @ 12:15)
Impact Matrix:
Category:Functionality (Client Side)
MIDAS Versions Affected:
Browsers Affected:Apple Safari iOS 9 - Standalone / Web Clip Mode
Details:If accessing MIDAS via a Home Screen icon on your iOS 9 device and then attempting to access a function which triggers the browser's internal print dialog (i.e. printing bookings) Safari hangs.

This is an iOS 9-specific bug, rather than a MIDAS bug (and is present in both iOS 9.0 and 9.1).
Workaround:As this is an iOS 9-specific issue, we are unable to directly resolve, however, we've released an update to MIDAS to "workaround" this issue. The workaround prevents MIDAS from automatically triggering a browser's print dialog if running in Standalone/Web Clip mode on iOS, and instead provides a manual "Print" button at the bottom of windows to be printed.

However, at time of writing, clicking this "Print" button will still cause the browser to hang.

So the workaround simply prevents this "hang" from happening automatically.

We hope that Apple will resolve this issue soon, however, in the meantime a better solution - if using MIDAS on iOS 9 and you wish to print - is to access MIDAS via Safari directly, rather than via a dedicated MIDAS home screen shortcut icon
Resolution:Workaround included in v4.10 if installed/updated after 1st October 2015
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